PROFESSIONALS / Emplyment consultants

Dott. Michele Maranghi

Born in Prato March 28, 1967 

He is graduated in Accounting and holds a degree in Legal Studies from the University of Rome. 

Register of Labour Consultants of Prato from 1996 to n. 92 

Entered in the Register of Court Appointed Experts Prato 

VAT and C.F. 01734220971 MRNMHL67C28G999S

Rag. Manuele Bastianini

Born in Florence on September 17th 1965
He is enrolled in the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Province of Florence since 1995, with the registration no. 860.
He is an Auditor enrolled in the Register of Auditors of the Ministry of Justice and enrolled in the Register of Technical Experts of the Court of Florence.
He holds the charge of Employment consultant.

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