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The areas of intervention of BGSM & Partners

BGSM & Partners exhibits the seasoned professionalism and experience acquired by its partners in all of the following areas of intervention.

  • Check of the fulfilment of legal requirements provided for by fiscal and civil regulations.
  • Tax Planning / tax advice.
  • Inspection of compliance with national fiscal and legal standards.
  • Preparation and analyses of periodical trial balances in order to closely monitor bank transactions, cash flow, movement of clients and suppliers as well as other general accounting entries.
  • Compilation of tax returns: optimized international and national fiscal planning with particular attention paid to regulations governing different countries.
  • Preparation of financial statement and its appendices in compliance with the law. Drawing up of balance file including financial ratios and flows for an accurate analysis of client company financial statements.
  • Granting of the “seal of approval”, “certification of accounts” and of “tax certification” in accordance with Legislative Decree 9/07/1997 n. 241 241.
  • Annual and semi-annual tax returns available by e-mail.
  • Employment consultation and statutory book-keeping for employees.
  • Law of contracts and negotiation.
  • International Trade law.
  • Civil and commercial law.
  • Corporate and bankruptcy law.
  • Industrial and intellectual property.
  • Safeguarding and protection of personal data (Privacy).
  • Web law (IT contracts, e-commerce, Saas).
  • Property law (acquisitions, transfers and property protection actions or in the bestowal to third parties).
  • Expert advice on criminal proceedings and civil lawsuits
  • Professional patronage before Ordinary Judiciary Authorities and before Tax Commissions of every order and degree.
  • Advice on settlement of disputes between partners, shareholders and bondholders.
  • Consultation on the liquidation and transfer of a firm, or part thereof, on investments, equity and on the withdrawal or expulsion of partners
  • Auditing operations in compliance with Legislative Decree 27/01/1992, n. 88 e D.P.R. 20/11/1992, n. 474 474.
  • National and international litigation.
  • Conciliation and Arbitration.
  • Management checks and strategic planning
  • Analyses of financial statements and periodic statements of account with data on ratios and flows of funds, as well as preparation of summary reports
  • Preparation of budgets for the period
  • Professional consultation for firms experiencing a financial crisis by means of in-depth analyses of the financial situation
  • Solutions for corporate reorganization also by means of special operations such as compulsory or voluntary winding-up, out-of-court settlement, or recourse to insolvency proceedings (arrangement with creditors and voluntary bankruptcy petitions)
  • All-round assistance in assignment, conversion, mergers and spin offs
  • Professional consultation on generational changeovers within a company (…from father to son…) and upon the entry of new partners
  • Setting up of companies abroad and assistance in company internationalization processes
  • Assistance with regard to transfer/purchase of stocks or shares on national or international circles
  • Company appraisal and assistance in buying/ selling of a company or part thereof
  • Consultation on optimization of investment/ funding relations with search for loan capital (banks, leasing companies, factoring etc.) and of grants which are available from time to time
  • Family and people law (separations, divorce, custody of minors).
  • Family protection (family trust funds and foundations).
  • Inheritance law (assistance in extrajudicial, mediation and judicial procedures).
  • Voluntary jurisdiction.
  • Specialist consultancy in inheritance, bequests, donations, hereditary splits and divisions, including tax and fiscal planning.
  • Definition and drafting of para-social pacts, compliance of transparency regulations.
  • Management of generational transfer in family business: integrated analysis of business, organisation, technology and personnel, evaluation of candidates for succession
  • Corporate governance from a family strategy viewpoint
  • Temporary Management for optimizing human potential and appointment of the new generation of entrepreneurs
  • Management control, to integrate and balance individual and entrepreneurial financial priorities

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